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Can United Recovery Systems Help You?

When you partner with United Recovery Systems, you get an agency with more than 30 years of innovation and experience ready to go to work on your accounts receivable portfolios.

Whether working as a first-party debt collector or as a third-party contingency collections agency, the management team at United Recovery Systems has the solution to your collections puzzle.

Solutions for Financial Collections

Solutions for Commercial/B2B Collections

Careers at United Recovery Systems

Are you searching for a career — a job with both challenges and rewards — a position in a dynamic collection agency with nationwide employment opportunities at our offices in Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, and Mexico?

If so, United Recovery Systems is looking forward to your online employment inquiry. Jobs in Tempe, Tulsa, Houston and several other cities await.

Job Posting - Collection Agent or Manager

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Are you trying to contact us about a collections letter or call you received? You can call our main office toll free.

This office has been hired as a debt collector. If you are a consumer with an account placed in our office for collections then this is an attempt to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose.